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Welcome to this tourism website about London. We aim to provide you with the necessary information for you to make the most of your vacations in this wonderful city. In order to carry on with our business, we have opted for a method slightly different from the one normally used in the creation of tourism websites: we have decided to inform you about the basics of this amazing destination. And why do we say we used a different criterion? Well, most websites for tourists are quite messy and vast in terms of information. Thus, visitors think they have to go over all of the activities they are presented with and do some of them which, for a matter of time, are virtually impossible to be done. Most of the times, people feel discouraged when going over tourism websites because they realize they will not be able to do all the activities tourists supposedly cannot miss at a certain place. It is clear that those websites are not designed maliciously: they rather respond to the need of informing users about all of the options they can choose from. We, on our part, have adopted a more concise way of presenting information: we have decided to inform just about the essential and strictly necessary things to spend some wonderful vacations in London. We do not say, however, that the info presented here covers all the pleasant choices, but just those that cannot be ignored. Therefore, it will be up to the travelers to decide, on arriving to their destination, whether they want to get informed about any specific excursion or any particular aspect not covered in this site. For all the stated above, we can say that this page aims at a standard audience and that its goal is to avoid inconveniences during the trip, making it a beautiful and unforgettable remembrance for you and those who travel with you. We have to make it clear that even though we will not focus on very specific issues, most probably you will not make it to visit even the basic places of this great city because holidays usually turn out to be shorter than expected: London presents magic and seduction around every corner.

In each section of this site you will find the necessary info to spend some unforgettable vacations in London. For starters, we will briefly summarize general interest information about the capital of England. In Attractions you will find those places you cannot miss when touring London and their description. Accommodation presents the different types of accommodations during your trip, including the pros and cons of each one of them. In Transport you will learn how to move through a city that does not lack means of transport and that may confuse you due to their huge diversity. Eating out is a section that presents you with the most varied options of London gastronomy. Finally, we make you some suggestions when it comes to planning your trip.

With the information that you get from this site you will be ready to manage with the outmost tranquility throughout London and you will be ready to plan your vacations from the tranquility of your home, so that your travel includes all the places you wish to visit in this wonderful city. We hope we are of your assistance in planning your next vacations: we wish you spend some wonderful vacations that leave you a beautiful remembrance. We would like to welcome you to this site and we thank you for your visit.

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