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In this section we present the four commonest accommodation options in London: hotels, campsites, apartments and bed & breakfasts in private homes. We will broadly describe each one of the possible types of accommodations. We suggest you to make reservations in advance, that is to say, before departing from home because it is a city with high tourist affluence and it becomes hard to find accommodation in high season. We warn you that it is never a good idea to wait till you arrive in the city to start to look for accommodation: this will cause you too many problems that are easily avoidable with a minimum of precaution.

Hotels: London has hotels for a wide range of rates, form very cheap ones to very expensive ones. In general hotels are the most chosen and comfortable accommodation option for vacations. In a hotel you do not have to bother at all about all those disgusting chores that can be a setback from enjoying your vacations. When you stay in a hotel, you do not have to worry about the clothes, or tidying the room, or doing the shopping or about doing any other domestic chore that takes time you can spend visiting some of the thousands of places that this extraordinary city offers. Hotels will provide everything that you need and you will be able to fully enjoy your vacations without having anything else to worry about. You will even find the tourist information service these places offer to be very helpful: if you are a little at a loss how to get to a certain place or if you want to know which place to choose from a list of possible places, the hotels staff is perfectly qualified to assist you and to help you to make a good choice.

Campsites: It is the choice of those who want to make their stay in London as adventurous as can be. In general, campsites are far from downtown and to get to them you have to take the train, the subway or long distance buses. You can always find discounts between seasons if you want to make your travel to Europe as economical as possible. London campsites have the typical facilities of every good campsite: artificial light, bathrooms with hot water 24 hours a day, tents for rent, etc. This type of accommodation is the one most widely chosen by those who have travelled throughout Europe and England. However it is not the most recommended one if you just want to visit London. If you want to visit just the English capital and you cannot spend too much money, the next option will help you both spend little money and know much.

Bed and breakfast in private houses: This is a very affordable option economically speaking and it will connect you with the true London lifestyle. This service, offered by people who live either alone or with their families in big houses, consists of breakfast and a room to sleep; other meals as well as services like laundry and room cleaning can either be arranged separately or can be at your own expense. If you are interested in this type of accommodation you will have to contact the London Tourist Office where you will either be informed on who offers it or you will be put in contact with them. If you wish to know this city in depth, with its customs and its history, you will probably like this option.

Apartments: The last option we present is perhaps the least used. Renting an apartment during your vacation stay in London is quite hard a transaction compared with booking a hotel or renting a plot of land in a campsite, but it will undoubtedly be a good experience for you. When you rent an apartment in the city, you feel yourself like another resident: you do the shopping, wash your clothes, etc. Although it is true that most people prefer avoiding this type of home chores during their vacations, let’s admit that the idea of being a Londoner for some weeks is not despicable. What is more, if you are thinking of visiting England’s capital to meditate on moving there permanently, this option will bring you closer to the lifestyle that you would have if you effectively decided to move there.

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