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London offers a wide array of options when it comes to choosing a place to eat out. We can choose food from different countries and regions, typical English food and vegetarian options. We will revise each one of them.

International food:

packages to londonChinese food: Cantonese food is very much in vogue in this city. You can find very exclusive Chinese restaurants. A good option is going around China Town and looking for a place where you can eat a tasty dish of Oriental food.

vacation in londonIndian food: To taste a dish of this exotic traditional food from India the best place and the one that provides you with more options is “Banglatown”, which is the neighbourhood of the Hindi community.

travel deals to londonYou can also find Japanese, Vietnamese, Latin-American, Turkish, Lebanese and African food.

Traditional English food:

As you tour London you will surely find walking dealers selling “fish and chips” (fish and chips inside of a cone). There you have a good example of traditional English food although, of course, English gastronomy is much more than this simple dish. Pasty is a typical dish of the Cornualles area and it consists of a pasty with meat, vegetables and potatoes. The roast beef and the pudding are Yorkshire classics and they are England’s national dish. It is also traditional roast pork meat with apple sauce, or lamb with mint sauce. Desserts also occupy a prominent place in English cuisine. For example, the Bakewell cake with jelly, almonds and ice-cream icing. Finally, English beer is famous all around the world for its excellence, and the most well-known is the “Guiness”, a type of black beer with a bitter and intense taste which is very refreshing though.

Vegetarian food: Due to the large number of vegetarians living in London, many restaurants of this type have opened over the last years. You will not need to make much of an effort to find vegetarian restaurants everywhere in the city, and you can even get vegetarian menus in restaurants of international food. The English capital is one of the Western cities where vegetarians and vegans represent an important proportion of society.

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