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Where can I do some shopping?

Oxford Street offers over 300 business premises where you can shop. This is the most well known street in London when it comes to shopping. You can also walk around New Bond Street, Regent Street and Jeremy Street and Carnaby Street. All these streets are typical of London and each one of them stands out for some specific products like formal and alternative clothes, and even souvenirs to take back home as gifts.

What can I do outdoors?

London is famous for its parks. There are eight Royal Parks all in all. Each one of them is perfectly preserved and has lakes, boats, outdoor theatres and golf course. Access is free.

Are there river tours?

You can sail the Thames using Riverboat service. These water transports are used in the same way as the underground or the bus, that is to say, Londoners use it to move around the city, although tourists commonly use them to go for a ride through the famous river and watch the city from another perspective.


Standard voltage in the United Kingdom is 230/240V AC, 50Hz. The sockets have three pins and the European, Australian and American adapters are available at any electricity store. We remind you that without adapters or transformers, electric devices can be damaged that may even destroy them or render them useless.

Where should I call in case of emergency?

In case of emergency you must call 999 to call the fire fighters, the police or to ask for an ambulance. The common number used in all of Europe, 112, also works in England.

What measurement system is used in England?

The English use the metric and the imperial systems indistinctively. In order to convert a kilometre into a mile, you have to multiply it by 0.62; to convert a metre into feet multiply it by 3.28; to convert a kilo into a pound, multiply it by 2.2.

Which is the English currency?

England has not joined the European Union convention for the use of the euro. Therefore, the United Kingdom still uses its classical currency: the pound sterling. We recommend you to check its value of the dollar, the euro or your local currency by the time you leave for London.

Public bathrooms

If you are in the city and you need to go to the bathroom, you can do so in bus or train stations or in the perimeters of the attraction that you are visiting, and you will be charged only 20p for the usage.

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