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Touring London is both an easy and a difficult task: it is easy because you will always have a means of transport that take you to the place you are going to, but it is difficult because it may be hard for you to find which one does so. In this section we will present you with the commonest means of transport and those that a tourist always must be aware of. Whichever means of transport you choose, it will be very helpful for you to bear in mind the other ones because the comfort and convenience of one of them over the other is, in many cases, very marked.

Rental cars: London has countless rental car agencies. This means of transport is the most widely chosen by tourists because it gives them freedom to move quickly and comfortably without having to be asking questions all the time or mistaking the station or the line. The car allows you to take everything you need for your day out and to make the most of it by visiting various places a day. Unlike what many people think, rented cars are not very expensive and they are easily obtainable. But we must make it clear that by easily obtainable we are referring to the necessary formalities to rent the car, we are not saying that you simply go to the agency and take a car just like that. When it comes to renting cars, it is good to book them from home, using your credit card. The type of payment most widely accepted by rental car agencies is credit card. If you have a debit card or if you want to pay cash, you had better check whether that can be done before you leave home since many agencies do not accept a payment type other than credit card. Finally, and to avoid unwanted oversights, remember that in England you drive on the left.

Underground: In London, the underground is known as the “Tube”. It has more than 270 stations, 12 lines and they are divided into 6 zones, but tourists generally move through zone 1. It is important to have coins because its ticket machines do not accept bills. To use bills you can only go to the ticket office which tends to be either crowded or closed. Be careful when you get to the station because on the same platform you can take trains that go to different destinations. You have to keep the ticket because you will need it to get out of the station on arrival. On weekends some stations are closed so it is a good idea to check which ones are closed and which are not since stations are considerably away from one another. The stations have special places to pass with the luggage. Since tickets are not cheap at all, the best thing is to get a travel card to save some money. Weekend Travelcards will enable you to travel during weekends and holidays. Weekly travelcards are used Monday-Sunday, and they work starting from Monday morning but they can be purchased starting from the previous Thursday so as to avoid queues. Monthly cards are valid all month long.

Bus: Buses are cheapest means of transport in London and their advantage is that they run even from 12am to 6:00am. Buses also have discount tickets such as the six tickets purchased at once by which you will be able to travel all throughout London. The six tickets are £3.90. One day bus passes: are used during all day until 4:30am of the next day. It is £2.00 for zones 1, 2, 3 and 4. Weekly passes: they are used to travel all week and they are valid starting from Monday morning but they can be purchased from Thursday to avoid long queues. It is £ 8.50 for the zones 1, 2, 3 and 4. Monthly passes: they are used all month and they cost £28.80 for zones 2, 3 or 4 or £32.70 for zones 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Taxis: The rate is fairly high but the good side about London taxis is that they take up to 5 people and some accept credit cards (they have a sign saying so on the window). To know whether the taxi is available we must see a yellow light. It is customary to leave a tip.

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